I found a dress I love in the first boutique

Can you imagine yourself saying yes to your dress at your first bridal appointment?
Let us explain why this is ideal…
Most brides expect that finding a gown will take multiple boutique visits, appointments and lots of time. But you find a dress you love, within your budget, at the very first shop you visit, can you actually purchase during your first appointment? Why should you purchase so quickly? TV and films have always shown us that you need to try on dozens of dresses before you find the one. The media has become legendary for dramatising bride’s searches but should the experience be this wild?!
If you’ve tried a dress and don’t want to take it off then that’s a good indication that it’s probably the one for you. If it’s within your budget, amazing, then definitely don’t delay. If you are happy and the experience seems magical, why hold yourself back? Trust your gut feeling! Your bridal party may tell you to sleep on it-no need to make a decision at your first appointment! But then ask yourself why? Why can’t you say yes? Tell your group you are done shopping, love your choice and happy that the process was simple and magical.
For us, most brides actually do say yes to their dress at their first appointment. The majority usually say “YES” to one of the very first gowns they’ve tried on because it really stuck with them.
We take pride in having experienced bridal stylists who know our stock well and have a keen eye for the most exquisite gowns for you. Finding your dress is similar to falling in love…It happens when you least expect it and sometimes takes you out of your ‘norm’.
If you find your dream gown at your first appointment, go with it it! Tell others how it was easy to say yes to that dress!
You can now move on to all the other fun wedding decisions and plans.
Request your appointment with us today and let us show you what a truly amazing experience this can be.

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